Bespoke Hot Tubs for Virtually Any Garden Size

If you dream of a luxurious source of relaxation in your garden, then having a hot tub perfectly fitted to your garden space is ideal. Unfortunately, because many hot tub makers sell tubs already assembled, it can be challenging to find the right size to fit into your garden if access is limited or space is tight.

Build A Spa designs and constructs bespoke hot tubs for any garden size – especially gardens that are hard to reach. That means even if your garden does not have easy access to deliver and install a hot tub, we can construct one with the right measurements to fit in your garden.

About us

We are experts in providing garden-built spas across Europe and beyond. For homeowners who find it challenging to have their dream hot tubs in their garden because of limited access, Build A Spa offers the solution you need. All our products are designed and manufactured in Hartlepool, United Kingdom; that means our products are delivered straight from us to your home with no middleman costs to our prices. Aside from the fact we make our products with materials of the highest quality, we also provide maintenance services that are second to none. 

Why use bespoke hot tubs?

Bespoke or custom-made hot tubs are ideal for small-sized gardens as well as gardens with minimal accessibility options. Gardens with limited accessibility usually require full construction in the garden, instead of delivering it pre-made. This means that for a garden that does not have enough side access, it is unnecessary to hire a crane or extra equipment to lift the hot tub over the house. Moreover, doing something like that is often expensive and dangerous. Getting your hot tub built on site in your garden grounds is also the best option for any garden size.

Our range of bespoke hot tubs

We manufacture our range of hot tubs so they can be built on site according to the specific needs of the customer.

Our products offer complete insulation, as they come in high-quality materials, thick and dense enough to keep your hot tub running at its optimum temperature. We do not only design and build hot tubs of the highest standards and materials; we give you all this for an affordable price. 

Why choose Build A Spa?

We have a team of experienced, skilled, and dedicated spa builders ready to build your hot tub piece by piece in your garden. We make our shells in our UK factory and have them thermoformed, reinforced, and drilled in our Hartlepool. We produce durable and robust spa and hot tub shells that are sturdy and reliable. 

Each of our shells is well-coated with high-quality vinyl ester and polyester to ensure that they last as long as possible to enable you to enjoy your hot tub. Plus, our products are less costly, as they are delivered straight from us to your home with no middleman costs to our prices.


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