Gecko BromiCharge [To Be Used Only With In.Clear]

Gecko BromiCharge [To Be Used Only With In.Clear]


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in.clear converts bromicharge™ sodium bromine into highly efficient bromine sanitiser


This process releases bromide ions back into the water for continuous recycling. It is important to note that the amount of bromine needed will vary in direct proportion to the number of bathers in the spa (bather load).


in.clear works exclusively with Bromicharge™ sodium bromide.

Effects of bromine 
  • Bromine destroys waterborne bacteria.
  • Bromine destroys algae in water (e.g. Black, Green, Mustard).
  • Bromine swiftly eliminates the presence of organic matter left behind by spa users (oil, sweat, dead skin cells).
  • Because bromine doesn’t contain calcium, it can be used to sanitize hard water without increasing the calcium hardness.


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