2021 Price increase

Dear Valued Customers,
The last year has been a really challenging one for us all and after carefully analysing all the recent factors with shortages in raw materials, delays in supply, reduced shipments and higher freight costs we have no option to put in a price increase on some of our products. We are committed to being the most competitively priced, and so it should bear no surprise that the above factors have significantly increased our production & operational costs.
I wanted to give you some background to the main cost drivers that have impacted this decision.
Demand remains strong for suppliers, our key component suppliers in Europe, Canada & the USA are all sold out and have business booked well into Q1 & Q2 2021. Various shipping lines have increased their pricing sometimes up to 4 fold what we were paying this time last year. This, in turn is continuing to drive the raw material prices up even further. Due to the significant demand in the industry, many of our material suppliers’ stocks are so depleted that the only way of obtaining materials is by shipping by air.
To ensure we maintain supply for our customers we have no choice but pay the prices the suppliers are demanding, but in turn we need to pass on some of the larger cost increases from January 2021. We have tried to minimize the price increase to the least possible amount and with the uncertainty surrounding trade deals when we depart from The EU in January, this could well magnify this situation.
BuildASpa are committed to offering you the quality you expect. We greatly appreciate your continued business and support through these times of change. If you have any further questions about this price increase or need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
T: 01429 733 390
E: Enquiries@Buildaspa.co.uk