The Nemesis Hot Tub – We Build Option

The Nemesis Hot Tub – We Build Option


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The World’s first spa, built in your garden.
The Nemesis is the largest of our range. Showcasing a whopping 81 hydrotherapy massage jets, all manufactured by USA Giant CMP Plastics, There’s little explanation as to why it’s name was affirmed. Standing with extreme profanity at 2.3m squared, this spa is definitely not for the faint hearted.
Key Points :
  • Gecko in.k1000 Control System
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Underwater LED lights
  • 4 Water fountains
  • 1 waterfall
  • 81 Hydrotherapy USA CMPJets
  • Wrapped Cavity Quilt Insulation
  • 3 Standard Seats
  • 2 Loungers
  • 2 x 2speed 3HP pumps
  • 1 x 2kW heater
  • 2.23m x 2.23m x 1m
  • 81 USA CMP SQR, individually adjustable hydrotherapy jets (No nasty Silicone here!)
  • Gecko Control System complete with k1000 Control panel. Touch screen Controls, At Your Fingertips
  • 2 x 3Hp Pump + CP .With Low Energy & Maximum pressure in mind, we’ve got you covered with our EU Made Massage Pumps.
  • Sloan LED lights. We only use the best, we’ve tried and tested tens of different spa LED lights, we find that you get what you pay for! Sloan LED is the industry leader in spa LED’s and also extremely energy efficient, again with you in mind!
  • Bluetooth speakers. We tried a number of different manufacturers and to our shock, some didn’t even come with marine grade! Wow. We decided to use a UK manufacturer instead.
  • Lucite Acrylic Shell in over 20 colours. That’s right, we make all our shells in our UK factory. Purchased directly from Lucite in Darwin (Lancashire not Austrailia!), we thermoform, reinforce and drill all of our spa shells in Hartlepool by the UK’s only hot tub manufacturer. The spa shells are strong & sturdy & reliable. Each and every single shell is coated with Vinyl ester & Polyester to ensure long term enjoyment for you! Whats more, we don’t and won’t use any old resin in our spas. We Purchase directly from AOC in Essex, so we know what we are using!
  • FOIL CAVITY QUILT INSULATION. Just thick, dense, multi layered foil insulation to ensure minimum heat loss and maximum heat input from your motors. A well engineered design to keep your spa running at it’s optimum temperature for less!

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Acrylic Colour

Silver White Marble, Midnight Opal, Odyssey, Mayan Copper, Espresso, Summer Sapphire

Composite Cabinet

Charcoal, Oak Effect


13A, 32A


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