1KG / 2KG/ 5KG / 10KG/ 15KG / 20KG Multi Function 5-in-1 Chlorine Tablets


20g  Multifunction CHLORINE TABLETS

Top - combi tablets with 5 in 1 functions for pool maintenance:
Disinfection, flocculation, algae prevention, pH stabilization + clear effect

The Quattro tabs are the complete swimming pool care for the duration of disinfection, algae prevention, flocculation (for sand filters), pH stabilization plus clear effect.
The Quattro Tabs work over a long period (up to 14 days) against bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae and turbidity. Quattro tabs are for all water hardnesses used, dissolve residue and does not lead to deposits or clogged filters.

- Comfortable complete care for disinfection, algae prevention, flocculation, pH stabilization effect + Clear

- Use a dispenser for precise dosage 

- Lasts twice as long as usual tablets 

- Ideal respite care, while reducing filter maturity lasts up to 3 weeks        

- Dissolve slowly and completely soluble

Recommendation for use:
Prerequisite for effective water disinfection, algae prevention, and flocculation is adjusting the pH to 7,0 - 7,4 with pH-Minus or pH-Plus.
Addition: about 2 Quattro tabs per 10 m³ tank contents approximately every 10 - 14 days to present the pool water via a dispenser.

Important notes:

Tablets must be added to the pool when water is fresh

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