1KG / 2KG/ 5KG /10KG / 15KG / 20KG Stabilised Chlorine Granules

chlorine granules are an extremely simple way to disinfect a pool on a day-to-day basis. Using chlorine in swimming pools is vital for keeping water clean and hygienic.

- As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings should be followed and heeded extremely carefully

Features and benefits

- Stabilised chlorine granules disinfect spa water
- Rapid dissolve tablets are simple to apply
- Can be directly applied to hot tubs exceeding 20°C
- Eliminates bacteria and harmful organisms

Health and safety

Please note that this item has additional safety or regulatory datasheets available. The product may have possible health and safety hazards covered in these documents. Refer to the container for full information and always follow the instructions.

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