With the China Shipping Crisis, UK Made Hot Tubs Are Better Value Than Ever

A surge in demand for ecommerce products following the disruption to global shipping routes at the start of the global pandemic, coupled with the chaos of the Brexit transition, has caused a perfect storm at UK ports.

Thousands of shipping containers are backed up at UK ports while there’s a shortage of empty containers at Chinese ports. The cost of these bottlenecks are ultimately paid by UK consumers in the price of imported goods.

At Build A Spa we recognised the problem with Chinese manufacturing in our industry long before the latest squeeze on shipping routes.

Cheap materials, poor quality finish, unsafe manufacturing practices, high error rates as well as long lead times. All these problems create a cost for a business like ours and we took the view from day 1 that these costs outweighed any of the benefits of off-shore manufacturing in the Far East.

Thats why we did things the old fashioned way. Setting up a manufacturing base right here in the North East, the heart of British manufacturing. Employing skilled British engineers to make our own hot tubs to our own precise specifications.

It’s not the easy way, it probably isn’t the cheapest, but the result are genuine British made hot tubs that we can deliver to customers in a reasonable timeframe and at a highly competitive cost.

And because we take ownership for manufacturing rather than it happening in some remote factory in the Far East, we can guarantee the product that reaches our customers is made to our exacting quality standards.

Take a look at our British made hot tubs which are available either pre-made for immediate placement or with our “We build” custom built hot tub option, where we assemble the tub in position in your garden, eliminating the high cost of hot tub crane hire if you have limited access to your garden.


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